Children's Nursery   Birth until 3 years

                                  (Nursery Open for All services)

 Sunday Classes:

                                  Trikes                            2-3  years

                                  Scooters                       4-5  years

                                  Racers                          1-2 grade

                                  Choppers                     3-4 grade

                                      Jets                                5-6 grade

 Sunday Services:

                                  TYKZ Church               3yrs-Kindergarten

                                  KIDZ Church                1-6 grade

 Sunday Afternoon:

                                   Calvary's Kidz             3yrs-6 grade



                                  Teens In Action           (7-12 grade)

                                  Teens For Christ         (Public Schools) 

                                  Teens Camps              (Summer and Winter)


                                       The NEXT IMPACT     (Singles Class)                                       

                                  Lifebuilders                  (Adults Various Ages)                                                      
                                  Triple L                        (55 yrs +) 


                                   Bus Ministry                (Weekly Outreach)

                                   Outreach                     (Weekly Evangelism, Door-To-Door) 
                                   Global Missions          (World-Wide Outreach)
                                   Media                          (Printing, CD's, Internet)



Calvary Baptist Church
1102 S. 13th St.
Chickasha, OK 73023 

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