2 Adult Classes 

Auditorium class which is a mixed age class and focuses on teaching of various Bible doctrines.

Subject Series Class:  Mixed adult class based on short series topics of 4-6 weeks.  A person can rotate between classes if one the topics is of interest.



 Auditorium Class- Mixed Age Adults

Teacher: Chris & Krisandra Brunner
This class includes all ages along with many Senior Saints.  Triple L stands for Living Long and Loving It.  Our Senior Saints ministry provides a great opportunity for seniors to get together and have a great time.  You might retire from work, but you can never retire from God's work.  We have a great Sunday Bible Class where the Bible is taught and great hymns and songs are sung. They meet in the Auditorium for Bible Classes on Sunday Morning @9:45AM.


Adults (Various Ages)

Teachers: Dylan & Cindy Ferguson
Lifebuilders is designed to help people live in a way that honors the Lord.  We have a Sunday Bible Class where you will be challenged to give yourself wholly to the Lord, and apply the Bible to our modern world.  We enjoy family activities, outings, couples' retreats, men's advances, and ladies retreats, game nights, meals, skating, bowling, etc.  This class meets on the 1st floor of the Classroom Building.


Single Adults

Teachers: John & Cathy Morales
This class is designed for young single adults to learn the Bible, grow closer to the Lord, and have a blast of a class. There are regular activites and friends are always welcomed. There are relavant lessons and helps to energize you in this most important stage of life. This class meets on the 1st floor of the Classroom Building.

Along with having specifically designed Bible Classes for Adults, there are also many other ministries to get involved in. 

Ladies Bible Study (meeting during this time once a month on Thursday pm)
We have a wonderful ladies ministry where you can get out once a month for a Bible Study and come for a great time of food, fun and fellowship, at the church.  You will enjoy great Christian fellowship with other ladies.  This provides a great opportunity for you to be challenged from God's Word.

Mixed Choir/Ensemble
We have an enjoyable choir that sings every Sunday morning.  Vibrant and Christ-Honoring songs are sung to the Lord and enjoyed by the congregation.  The Choir does special musicals for Easter, Christmas and other times.  We enjoy specials sung by individuals, duets, trios, quartets, and groups in each service.  We also have beautiful instrumental arrangements done for each of the services.

Missions Revival:
We have an annual Missions Revival, where we invite missionaries and mission speakers to come and challenge our church family to be involved with mission endeavors.  We encourage everyone in our church to be involved with Faith Promise Missions Giving.  During the revival services we have a an International Missions Banquet where we decorate tables with foreign themes and enjoy cuisine from all around of the world.  We also include mission panels, videos, and overall themes to help our minds focus on the Great Commission.





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